Best DPS Ever

Snapdragon™ 855





Advanced Liquid Cooling

We’ve taken our innovative liquid cooling technology to the next level. Black Shark 2 features the first and unique direct touch multilayer liquid cooling system with full coverage. An oversized cooling plate, covering all major components, reduces core temperatures by up to 14°C. It’s the same thermal technology used in high-end PC gaming rigs, now in your pocket.


reduces core temperatures

14555 mm2

Cooling area ratio of liquid cooling plate


Thermal Performance


CPU Maximum frame rate run time increased

Ludicrous Mode

With flagship hardware and optimized software, Black Shark 2 provides superior gaming performance right out of the box. If you want to take things to the next level, enable Ludicrous Mode to maxboost performance. Experience the smoothest gaming with buttery-smooth framerates.

Best Control

World’s Lowest Latency Touch

In competitive gaming, a fraction of a second can change everything. With a response rate up to 240Hz and response time of just 43.5ms, our ultra-low latency touch provides the fastest input response for a serious competitive edge in action games, shooters, and RPGs.


Response rate


Response time

Master Touch

Control complex button layouts and boost your K/D ratio with Master Touch, Black Shark 2’s innovative pressure-sensitive display technology. Powered by Black Shark Gaming AI, Master Touch lets you set a custom touch zone and trigger multiple on-screen actions with just two thumbs. It’s not just easier to use - it’s easier to win.

Best Experience

TrueView Display

Custom-tuned for gaming, our ultra-widescreen TrueView display produces realistic, natural, and incredibly accurate colors. Experience the game the way the developers intended with dark blacks and vivid brights.

Supported by Black Shark Gaming AI, brightness and color temperature automatically adapt to match the ambient light around you, providing a more comfortable visual experience for hours of uninterrupted gaming.

6.39” TrueView Display with HDR
AMOLED Screen + Independent Image Processing
MEMC Technology Corrects for Dropped Frames and Jitters
Advanced HDR Tone mapping + Real time SDR-HDR conversion

Gaming Light(RGB)

Producing over 16.8 million colors, the Black Shark 2’s dual RGB strips intelligently sync with in-game effects and dance to music, creating an incredibly immersive gaming and entertainment experience.

Dynamic Audio

Up to 25% larger than standard smartphone speakers, the Black Shark 2’s dual front-facing speakers pump out powerful stereo sound for immersive gaming, while two noise cancelling microphones ensure crystal clear in-game voice chat. Black Shark Gaming AI technology automatically detects and optimizes audio for games, movies, music, and more.

Vibration Sense

Experience every shot, drop, and frag. Feel the formidable rumble of a supercar’s revving engine. Powered by a powerful haptic motor, the Black Shark 2 produces customized feedback for more immersive gaming.

Best Design

Inspired by the bold lines and subtle curves of a luxury sports car, the Black Shark 2 is ergonomically crafted from aviation-grade frosted metal and glass.

The Black Shark 2 was built from the ground up to ensure hours of comfortable gaming. A unique ergonomic curved design provides extra grip and more precise movements, while the glass back dissipates heat away from your hands for a consistently cool touch.

Best Gaming Setup

Game on the Big Screen

Smartphone? Gaming Console? Why not both

Game on your TV or monitor in HD quality with the Black Shark Type-C To HDMI Cable. Attach the Black Shark Gamepad 2.0 for a full console experience.

Play your favorite Android games, right from your couch.

Best Flagship Features

Gaming Power

4000mAh High-capacity Battery

Black Shark 2 has enough power for even the longest gaming sessions (up to 5 hours)

27W/4.8A Quick Charging, delivering up to 60% battery in just 30 minutes




Quick Charging

60% battery

in 30 minutes

Smart Antenna

X-type Antenna + 2 Side Antennas for a strong connection, regardless of phone orientation.

In-display Fingerprint Scanner

Keep your data secure with an embedded fingerprint scanner. Unlock your Black Shark 2 with a quick tap on the screen.

Explore the Tech Specs

Snapdragon™ 855 Processor

Adreno™ 640 GPU

Up to 12GB RAM  + 256GB Storage

4,000 mAh + QuickCharge 4.0 Battery

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